American Quality Stripping | Rack Management
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Rack Management

American Quality Stripping offers a cooperative rack management program with a local company, Busch & Thiem Co.


The service provided by American Quality Stripping:


  • Controlled Pyrolytic Cleaning
  • Controlled Rack and Hook Bake-off, & Removal of All Paint and Ash Residue
  • Full Logistics Team


The service provided by Busch & Thiem:


  • Repair of Damaged Hooks and Racks
  • Assists with New Paint Racks
  • Design & Prototyping Assistance & Production Assistance


The advantage of the program is that paint line racks can be reused if damaged or paint build-up on racks affects your quality for minimal cost.  The service is completed by our full service logistics team that transports racks and hooks to and from our customers and Busch & Thiem.